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Wednesday Faith Formation Classes
3:15-5:00 p.m. 
Gather in the main church area from 3:15-3:45 p.m. 

Our K-12 Religious Education classes require that we have a way to communicate with the families. Flock Note is the group messaging service that St. Thomas uses for that purpose.

Therefore, it is necessary that you give us either a cell number and/or an email address that you check frequently for information about classes. Your registration is your opt-in for us to have permission to contact you regarding your child's classes.

Flock Note

Noél Roy
Religious Education Department

Office: 541.923.0597
Cell: 541.279.1879

Email: Click on Name or the box below.

Noél has been teaching our youth since her own children were very young. Our youth love and adore her. She is fun as well as being a great example of living our faith. She is always the first to admit she makes mistakes, so she is able to show our parents that being an example for our youth doesn't mean being perfect. It does mean staying involved. 

Noél is accessible to both our youth and their parents. She is practical, so when you have issues arise, you can talk with her about finding a solution that is fair to all. 

Email Noél

Chris King "Queen"
RE Assistant

Cell: 541.771.4028
Email: Click on Name or the box below.

Noél has three different helpers named "Chris," so this one got nicknamed rather quickly, a pun on her last name! It is also a very affectionate term for the person who handles the day-to-day records that the RE Department needs to keep.

If you're wondering about your payment status, contactQueen. If you need to let the department know that your youth is sick and can't make class, contact Queen.

Most Flock Note reminders are sent by Queen, so if you need to change your contact info, email Queen.

Email Queen